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"Project management as an Instrument with respect to labor market for development and Assurance of teaching quality in vocational education" (PIA2)

In the operational context, innovative problem solving is increasingly developed in projects, where the realization is secured by project management (PM). A study by DB Research (2007) predicts the project economy a share of 15% of the added value in 2020. So far, this development has been given only little attention in vocational education. To facilitate the implementation of PM in schools, the University of Bremen and the GPM (German Association for Project Management) have developed a teaching concept which has been successfully implemented in vocational education in the federal state of Bremen. In the context of vocational education PM is both content (project management) and form (project teaching and learning) to secure the quality of project learning.

On the basis of realistic and real project orders learners get qualified for their future occupation.

After the preceding PIA Project, composed by Eastern European countries (CH, CZ, PL, SK, TK), the southern countries France, Italy, Portugal and Spain are partners in the PIA2 Project.


The project is funded by the LEONARDO DA VINCI programme as part of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP).


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. 
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